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If you’re a movie enthusiast, then you might have heard about Morpheus TV. If yes, then you might also know that lately, Morpheus TV had been suffering badly from technical issues like buffering, content availability, and severe bottlenecks. Morpheus TV was indeed famous, where one can get any movie, TV show and web series. But the downfall in customer service soon leads Morpheus to lose a significant number of its users.

To counter everything, the developer team behind Morpheus planned to create a newer version of their application from scratch that would probably eliminate each and every problem that Morpheus TV had. As anticipated, this turned out to be a massive success for them. Soon after debuting Morph TV as an upgrade over to Morpheus, they were yet again able to achieve not only the previous user base they had but even more.

Now, Morph TV is regarded as the worthy successor to Morpheus for pushing forward the customer service and quality of its contents. The update was incremental, but the changes it brought were significant.

On the surface, Morph TV is an APK file, which you can either run natively on Android devices or use some emulator to run on a PC. But thankfully, as it’s an APK, you can even run this application on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. To download Morph Tv Apk on android device click here.

So, here in this tutorial, I’ll be providing a step-by-step guide on how you can install and enjoy Morph TV on your Fire TV Stick. With our guide, you’ll be able to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in HD directly on your big screen. But before we proceed into the key topic, here are some features and functionalities of the new Morph TV app.

Features of Morph TV

There is a whole lot of features in the Morph TV app. So let’s have a bird’s eye view on all of them in bulleted points.

  • Fresh contents are added to the library regularly to keep its users engaged and entertained for longer. You can also enjoy classic and vintage movies as Morph TV also maintains a comprehensive collection of those.
  • The User Interface is ad-free, minimalistic, and categorized. This helps not only for simple navigation but also for finding the contents you’re looking for. Simply type the title of the movie you want to watch and boom, it will immediately show up on your screen.
  • This application support Chromecast natively to cast your screen into a bigger one like that of a TV or PC. Fire TV is more like Chromecast as thus, in this article, you may not need this feature.
  • Contents are available for at least 720p in quality, and you can crank the dial up to 4K for some specific contents in their library. Not only that, but you can also download movies in the same resolution without significant video compression.
  • Speaking of downloads, Morph TV allows you to download any movie or TV show in native MP4 or MKV format. It’s a quite handy feature as you can now store all your favorite contents permanently on your PC or Pendrive.
  • Downloads are accelerated using multiple threads to increase the speed and decrease the ETA effectively. This will help you quickly download some content whenever you find a public WiFi.

With that said, let’s now dive straight into the main topic about how you can install Morph TV on your Fire TV Stick.

Download Morph TV on Fire Stick

As I mentioned earlier, being an APK file, Morph TV is directly compatible with Fire TV Stick as it supports Android apps. Therefore, installation on Fire TV Stick is as simple as installing on Android. Follow the guided tutorial below to learn how you will execute each step.

Step 1 – Toggle on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option.

As this application is sourced from a third-party site, therefore you’ll need to bypass a security restriction in the settings of your TV Stick. Follow the below-mentioned paths to execute this step.

Settings > My Firestick > Developer Options > Toggle on ‘Apps from unknown sources’

Step 2 – Install Morph TV downloader.

Now that you’ve nailed the last step let’s proceed to the next one. Navigate back to the home screen of your TV Stick and search for ‘Downloader’ into the address bar. Note that this application isn’t yet available on Amazon App Store. Thus you need to source it from the rest of the internet.

The one I’m talking about should show up first on the search results. The icon will have orange coloration with a downward pointing arrow. If found the right one, install the application on your TV Stick. Now launch the app and navigate to its settings to enable the JavaScript as you’ll have to browse similar pages and install such application.

Step 3 – Download Morph APK

Go back to your home screen and type the following address into the address bar of your TV Stick.

Wait for the webpage to load up and, once appropriately loaded, tap on the ‘Download Morph APK’ button. Yes, that the button which will trigger to download the main APK for your Fire TV Stick. As soon as the download is over, your Fire Stick will automatically pick the APK file and will prompt you to install it.

Allow the system to install the application and wait for a few minutes until the icon shows up on the app drawer. Open the application and start enjoying your favorite contents straight away. No sign-ups of payments necessary, just open the app, and it’s there.


Could you imagine that this tutorial will be that much simpler? This is how you can download and install Morph TV Fire Stick. Morph TV brings the premium functionalities of any video streaming platform, but for free. Enjoy the latest movies, web series, and TV shows in the highest quality possible on your big display and download as many contents as you can.

Share this article to tell your friends and family about this exceptional app, so that they don’t have to pay hefty bucks from their bank. We’ll see you soon in the next one and thank me later for providing such a simplified tutorial on the topic. Happy to help. Bye.

Orville J. Martin

Orville J. Martin

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