5 Best Alternatives of Morph Tv

On-demand media streaming apps and websites have become immensely popular in the last few years. You can watch all sorts of TV series and movies on them. Moreover, most of these apps are free to use. And, you can access them from almost any place in the world. In case you can’t use them, you can always use a VPN service to enjoy their services.

One of the most popular apps in this industry is none other than Morph TV. However, if you are looking for Morph TV alternatives for any reason then you are in the right place. Today, we will be discussing the top Morph TV alternatives out there. So, without any further ado, let’s begin:

What is Morph TV

Before knowing the alternatives for Morph TV, you must know what is this app and what are the reasons people are shifting away from it. So, Morpheus TV or commonly known as Morph TV is an on-demand media streaming app. It became immensely popular due to the amazing features and good quality watch links. You can download the Morph Tv app from here.

But recently the users have complained about a lot of broken links and errors on this app. Some of the most common issues are video not found, server not found or the website being down altogether. If you are also facing such issues then have a look at the list of alternatives of Morph TV down below.

Morph TV Alternatives

1. Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix apk

Beginning the list with CyberFlix TV, which like Morph TV, permits you to download your preferred content to your system for watching offline later. The application sports perfect Chromecast bolster which empowers you to watch your preferred content on the big screen of your PC or TV. 

In addition to that, if you do not find your preferred movie or TV show on this website, you can ask the developers to add it. If they find the perfect link for your desired movie then they will add it asap.

2, BeeTV 

Bee tv

In the event that you are searching for a lightweight application, at that point go for BeeTV. BeeTV has a functioning network behind it which adds new features and modules to the application almost every month.

It is a crawler application, which implies it slithers over film/TV show facilitating websites and brings back content for its clients. In spite of the fact that BeeTV is another application in the relative field, it has figured out how to cut out a specialty for itself. This is a standout amongst other alternative or comparative apps to BeeTV application. 

3. Titanium TV 

Titanium tv

With the whole content accessible in HD and an expert improvement group behind it, Titanium TV is the one that unmistakably jeopardizes Morph TV. Aside from the essential features, it additionally presents you with a timetable of your preferred TV shows regularly so you don’t happen to miss them. 

The main drawback to the application is the frequent ads; be that as it may, it won’t ruin your streaming experience on this website by any means. This is one of the Morph TV alternatives that you can find as of now.

4. Phoenix TV 

phoenix hd

Phoenix TV, like BeeTV, is a new participant in the relative field. Not as mainstream as BeeTV, Phoenix TV despite everything has figured out how to earn a lot of notoriety somewhat because of the way that it runs stunning on Fire TV/Fire TV Stick. In this way, in the event that you have a Firestick in your ownership, you should proceed with Phoenix TV to appreciate the most recent movies and TV shows on the big screen of your TV. 

Moreover, this website has amazing features and the developers fix bugs and issues as soon as they appear. In this way, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies in HD quality without any worries.

5. Dream TV 

Dream Tv

Like Phoenix TV, Dream TV is monstrously well known among the Firestick/Fire TV holders. With whole content accessible in HD and brisk accessibility of most recent content, Dream TV is, for sure, a fantasy work out as expected for the individuals who love to stream most recent movies and TV shows on their cell phone, TV, or PC/Laptop.

Also, the user interface is easy to understand and you will find a huge library of the latest content on this website. Adding more value to this website is the fact that, if a movie or show is missing from the library you can ask the developers to add it right away.

6. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is an old and stable app for streaming purposes. As the name infers, Popcorn time likewise permits you to watch movies and stuff on your Android gadgets. Popcorn time is accessible for Android, iOS just as for Windows. You can have the app on any of the gadgets which are an extraordinary thing for all the non-android clients also. 

While different apps stream through connections from the web, Popcorn Time resembles a Torrent customer however with a player that transfers the recordings. The entire experience is quite smooth and you can attempt Popcorn time as a Morph TV alternative.

7. FreeFlix HQ

FreeFlix HQ

Not all that well known among on-demand streaming apps, however unquestionably a decent alternative to Morph TV. FreeFlix HQ includes a tremendous assortment of movies and tv shows. The app is additionally good with Firestick. There are a lot of apps for firestick for a similar reason yet not all perfect with Firestick far off. This will fill the need. You can utilize it instead of Morph TV.

8. TVZion


Last but definitely not the least, this is another extraordinary alternative of Morph TV that you can use to watch movies and tv shows online on your android and firestick. The UI of TVZion is incredible and instinctive on both Android and Firestick. 

The servers give you interfaces from the fast servers and show you a gigantic library of movies. One thing that troubles us is the stability of the app. It crashes a lot. However, if you need to get away from Morph TV at any cost then this app can fulfill the need for you.


These were some of the best Morph TV alternatives that you can go for. We hope you will find this list useful and if you want to switch from Morph TV then you will find an app according to your needs on this list.

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