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What is Morph TV

Morph Tv apk

If you have used Morpheus TV in the past, then you might have also known that recently this video streaming platform had been facing severe issues while streaming videos. User complaints report that the app is ongoing some weird buffering hassles, and people weren’t able to download videos. All these reports and complaints left a wrong impression for the application and overall for the entire streaming service.

 Morph TV, on the other hand, was designed by keeping in mind the significant problem Morpheus TV faced. The prime motive was to redesign the old application and develop a new one from scratch, that won’t have similar issues, like buffering and random crashes. And it was a bull’s eye.

 Soon after it’s debut as an upgrade over Morpheus TV, this new application hit the video streaming market with a blast. Within a short period, Morph TV was able to gain the trust, Morpheus TV lost, and the massive customer base that it used to have. Today, Morph TV is regarded as one of the best free streaming platforms.

 Although the update was incremental, the new app is still a worthy successor of the previously popular Morpheus TV. Morph TV successfully eliminates each issue that Morpheus TV had and was able to deliver a buffer-free experience, even while streaming high-quality content at 4K. They have once again accumulated their audience base with their excellent service.

In this tutorial, I’ll be explaining how you can install Morph TV application on your Android smartphone in a step-by-step guide. Morph TV packs tons of features, but still, this hasn’t been debuted to Google Play Store yet. But that shouldn’t hold you back from installing this on your device and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows anytime and anywhere. One more advantage is that you can download or run Morph Tv on Firestick PC and iPhone

 But before we proceed into the tutorial, here’s a quick overview of the features and functionalities of Morph TV. This will help you gain better knowledge about the application you’re going to install.


HD Free Movies & TV SHows

Morph TV APK offers Free HD movies and TV shows. This app also notifies you whenever new content is released. So that help you to keep on track the latest updates of your favourite shows.

EaSY dowloads

This app has a feature in which a user can easily download the Movies and Tv shows directly to their device with the preffered video quality. You can download movies and TV shows in native MP4 format and up to 4K.

Support Chromecast

Morph TV supports Chromecast feature. It means you can direclty cast your android screen to bigger screen like TV, PC, Laptop.

Other features

Morph TV app comes up with many other features Filter HD Links, Add Videos to Favourites, Force Android TV Mode, Playback, Change Videos Download Manager, customize font colour and size, Backup & Restore, and frequent automatic app updates.

Morph TV

Morph TV bundles pretty neat features. So let’s gather them up in bulleted points. By going through the following points, you’ll be able to realize why Morph TV stands apart from most other streaming services available out there and what makes it so much popular than those.


  • Fresh contents are added each day to keep the users satisfied and entertained. You’ll find all sorts of Hollywood movies, TV shows and series, whether recent of classical. Every content is beautifully categorized under their respective genres and playlists. Thus, it’s easy for you to pick your favorite one.
  • Streaming quality on this platform is exceptional. You can stream in 720p, 1080p, and even 4K. If you’re watching on your smartphone, it’s highly recommended to stream in 1080p for the best possible experience. But if you’re on a TV or PC and your display supports high-resolution contents, then you can surely crank up the quality settings, and still, you won’t face any buffering issues on their side.
  • Morph TV natively supports Chromecast. This means you can directly cast the screen of your smartphone to enjoy your favorite content on a bigger screen. You can stream on TV, PC, laptop, or anything that supports Chromecast.
  • Like most other streaming services out there, you don’t need to sign up for an account to use Morph TV. Neither you have to pay from your bucks, nor it requires you to fill any form. Simply install Morph TV on your device and start enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows straight away. It’s that much simplified.
  • Morph TV allows downloading content to watch offline or anywhere without an internet connection. What’s the big deal then? Because every streaming platform offers the same functionality. Downloading content offline isn’t new these days. But still, there’s a catch.
    Unlike those streaming services, you can download movies and TV shows in native MP4 format and up to 4K. This will allow you to copy the contents to your PC or a Pendrive and store them permanently. You can also hook up the Pendrive to your TV and watch movies with your friends and family.
  • Morph TV features accelerated downloads using multiple threads. Imagine you’ve got a free public WiFi for a few minutes. With this feature, you can download videos and even entire movies in blazing fast speeds.
    Under the hood, it distributes one original content into four or more partitions and downloads them simultaneously to increase the overall speed. When the download is done, the application stitches the respective partitions to deliver you one single file.
  • About the user interface now, it’s sleek, minimalistic, and user-friendly. Everything you’ll ever need is categorized under different sections. Movies and TV shows are arranged according to their genres and playlists so that you can pick one according to your mood.
    With all these little and big tricks, Morph TV is undoubtedly the best among free video streaming services. It’s a worthy platform to fulfill all your movies, and TV shows desires. Once you start using this service, there’s no going back. With that said, let’s now focus on the main topic of this article, that is how you can install Morph TV on your Android device.

App Screenshots

Download and Install Morph TV Apk on Android Devices

As I mentioned earlier, Morph TV hasn’t been debuted to Google Play Store yet, and this is really a major bummer considering all the features and services it brings for free. So, what’s the solution then?

The solution is to side-load the APK file from the official Morph TV’s site. Side-loading apps often cause security concerns, but as you’re fetching the APK from a first-party source, you aren’t likely to face such issues. Execute the instructions given below and learn how you can do it.

Step 1 – Morph TV APK Download

From the below-provided link, you can download the official APK file for Morph TV. By visiting the following link, you’ll be redirected to the download page of Morph TV. From there, you can download the latest version of the Morph TV APK. Simply hit the download link and your download shall begin. So, here’s a bird’s eye view to the details of their latest build of the Morph TV application.

Step 2 – Install Morph TV APK on your Android device.

Next, head over to the download folder from your device’s file manager. Navigate to the APK file you’ve just downloaded and click on the file to proceed to the installation process. In most cases, the installation should start straight away. But in other cases, you may see a warning message. This prohibits you from installing an application from sources other than Google Play.

But don’t worry because you can disable this security feature. Simply follow the below-mentioned paths.

Open Settings > Open Privacy & Security Settings > Toggle on ‘Unknown Sources’

This allows your device’s system to install applications from other sources like this one. Now again, repeat the installation process by clicking on the APK. This time around, you should get it done. When the installation gets over, you’ll notice the Morph TV icon showing up on your home screen or app drawer.

No need to sign in, nothing and pay, and no forms to fill. Open the application, find the movie or TV show you want to watch and enjoy.

Morph TV - Quick look

  •  Latest update – 7 March 2019
  • Latest version – v1.74
  • Official supported platforms – Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Fire TV
  • Package size – 28 MB
  • System requirements – Android version 4.0 and above


Note that, if the current version doesn’t get your work done, then you can consider trying previous packages. They have also kept a collection of their recent builds. This happens because they often update their app to support in latest Android versions like Android 10. So, if your device is running on older versions, you may face such issues.

Note : Morph TV App is the property of its owner. We do not claim it as our copyright material. So, use the app at your own responsibility. We will not be held responsible for any kind of issues. We  are strictly against any type content piracy, and we request and warn our readers to avoid it by all means. Watching Copyrighted material is against the law. Whenever we mention free streaming on our site, it means we are referring to contents that are freely available and doesn’t break any law.

Download Morph TV APK latest Version for Android Devices.

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